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serve? : volleyball

The float serve has no spin, allowing the grooves of the volleyball, turbulent air flow and the oscillating recoil from the initial compression to ...

Volleyball : volleyball - Reddit

I've been playing volleyball for a few years at all different levels and locations.

jump off of someone's back in volleyball ...

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Jump Height For Spike : volleyball - Reddit

Questions - This flair is for most basic questions about volleyball.

serve better? : volleyball - Reddit

An example of a good question is - "what are the pros/cons of having libero in 6 vs 5?" Some examples of bad questions are - "how ...

Volleyball Video Game? : volleyball - Reddit

I can't be the only one who thinks there is a severe gap in the market for any decent beach/indoor volleyball games.

Jump Serve In Volleyball - Easy Step By Step Guide

Learn how to jump serve in volleyball! The volleyball jump serve can take your game to the next level.

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I've recently been really into Volleyball and really would love to start, however I'm only 5'5 (170cm)


I'm new to volleyball and am having difficulty putting top spin on the ball.

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Hi, I started playing volleyball for about about 3 months now however still can't time my spikes very well (the ball usually goes behind my head ...