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Tennis elbow is not just for sports players; anybody can get it.

This muscle receives C5 and C6 nerve root fibers through the radial nerve. Together with the brachioradialis and the extensor carpi radialis brevis, it is one of the three muscles that is known as the wad of three. These three muscles can give significant pain in the arm commonly known as tennis elbow.

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Basically, false tennis elbow mimics pain at the outer aspect of the elbow and could be attributing to; 3. Cervical radiculopathy (Cervical referred pain) The cervical spine can refer to pain down to the outer aspect of the elbow (at both C5 and C6 nerve root). Which may be mistaken as Tennis elbow. 4. Ligamentous instability

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A significant percentage of tennis elbow sufferers may feel pain in the lateral elbow but not be experiencing tennis elbow. A high incidence of lateral elbow pain is referred to your elbow from a cervical spine (neck) injury. The most common neck joint that refers to your lateral elbow is C5/6, which transmit pain signals along the radial nerve.

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Lateral epicondylitis, or tennis elbow, is an overuse injury to the common extensor tendon that presents as pain at the lateral epicondyle. C6 and C7 radiculopathy may cause referral of pain down the arm near the lateral epicondyle.

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Eighteen patients showed slight limitation of lateral rotation or lateral tilting of the cervical spine to the affected side. On that side, in all patients, the apophyseal joints of involved levels were tender to digital pressure (commonly C5 and C6) when carefully examined showed resistance to passive motion. top

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Tennis Elbow and the Cervical Spine C. Chan Gunn, MD The exact cause of tennis elbow, a common condition, is still obscure. While the condition may well be entirely due to a local disorder at the elbow, the results of a study of 50 patients whose condition was resistant to 4 weeks

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It might seem funny but tennis elbow ( lateral epicondylitis) can be caused by a problem in the neck. In our compartmentalized health care system we have been taught that where the pain is , is where the cause is. This is rarely true. Imbalances in muscle tone through the spine can cause extremity imbalances that result in lateral epicondylitis. In this article we will address how upper cervical spine injuries can lead to spinal misalignment causing muscle tone imbalances throughout the body ...

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Neurovascular examination: the reflexes around the elbow that are often checked include the biceps (C5-C6), brachioradialis (C5-C6), and triceps (C7-C8). The examiner should also check the dermatomes around the elbow and the cutaneous distribution of the various nerves, noting any difference.

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Tennis elbow pain is typically located on or just below the lateral epicondyle, while radial tunnel pain is usually slightly farther down the forearm. Radial tunnel syndrome is tested with resisted third digit extension. The patient holds his elbow straight, with his forearm in a palm-down position and fingers held out straight.